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Intercultural Dialogue Europe

What is "Intercultural Dialogue"?

At the outset of the study, the ERICarts team and experts discussed different concepts of intercultural dialogue, noting that there is currently no universal definition in use by public or private actors. The following definition was developed and combines elements of different approaches:

Intercultural dialogue is a process that comprises an open and respectful exchange or interaction between individuals, groups and organisations with different cultural backgrounds or world views. Among its aims are: to develop a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives and practices; to increase participation and the freedom and ability to make choices; to foster equality; and to enhance creative processes.

In this sense, intercultural dialogue processes or encounters are to go beyond a mere 'tolerance of the other' and can involve creative abilities that convert challenges and insights into innovation processes and into new forms of expression. The "shared space" in which such processes take place can be located outside of physical spaces, situated in the media or in a virtual environment.

How do you define intercultural dialogue?  Open Lines to Intercultural Dialogue is an online participatory project initiated by the LabforCulture which asks users to contribute their own definition of ICD.

Other initiatives discussing the concept of intercultural dialogue:

Council of Europe White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue

The Jean Monnet Group on Intercultural Dialogue

Comedia Research on Intercultural Cities