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Intercultural Dialogue Europe

Europe's Population, Linguistic and Religious Diversity

Facts and Figures

Datum: 07-01-2009

1. Minorities and Migrants in Europe


What is the starting point for intercultural dialogue in Europe? ...

Minorities, Immigrants and Refugees in Europe  presents data complied by the ERICarts Institute on the number and share of traditional minorities, new immigrants and refugees in Europe.


Minorities in Europe
A study published by the Society for Threatened Peoples in 2006 presenting data on Europe's ethnic minorities.   

EUROSTAT Population Data
Presents trend data on immigration and emmigration flows in the EU.

OECD Migration Data
Presents trend data (1995-2005) on inflows of foreign population by nationality.

OECD International Migration Outlook
This annual publication analyses recent trends in migration movements and policies in all OECD member countries. It includes statistics on long-term international migration inflows that for the first time, have been harmonised by the OECD Secretariat. The 2006 edition highlights the diversity of nationalities as well as the size of the immigration population and its contribution to human capital in receiving countries. The 2007 provides data on the labour market and evaluates the impact of EU enlargement on the flow of immigrant workers.

UN World Population Data and Policies
Presents data spanning a 20 year period staring in the mid 70s on migration flows as well as government policies addressing different types of migration from family reunification, temporary labour mobility, permanent settlement etc.

UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs - Population Division
Presents links to all data collections published by the UN on population and international migration flows including to the latest report on Trends in the World Migrant Stock.

Datum: 21-03-2007

2. Languages and Religions in Europe

Languages and Religions in Europe 
Presents data collected by the ERICarts Institute on Europe's rich landscape of linguistic and religious diversity.

Multilingualism in the EU
Provides a host of information and data on the EU's 23 official languages, the EC'S 2005 Framework Strategy for Multilingualism, and Euromosaic Study presenting data on minority language groups in EU member states. 

EURYDICE - Key Data on Teaching Languages at School in Europe
Study published in 2005 which examines language diversity in schools, the position of foreign languages in the overall curriculum as well as the training and education of teachers. 

Datum: 20-03-2007