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Intercultural Dialogue Europe



Major Challenges 

The integration of Roma community and migrants in Czech Republic;
certain xenophobic sentiments inside society persist.

Main Interpretations

Not yet developed as a general societal strategy and more seen as a result of artistic encounters

1. General Authority

No general authority, but main actors:

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MLSA) with Committee for the Integration of Foreigners

The Ministry coordinates all immigrants' integration issues and is responsible for equal rights issues in social life. The Committee includes representatives of other ministries and public offices, as well as representatives of professional and academic associations, local and regional authorities, NGOs and associations of foreigners.

EX: Annual government campaign against racism (since 2000) is to support mutual tolerance and help remove prejudices against minorities and foreigners in Czech society.


  • Principles of Foreigners Integration Concept on the Territory of the CR (1999) followed by a Concept on Foreigners Integration on the Territory of the CR (2000). It aimed to develop a migration policy based on knowledge about different cultures. Implementation reports are submitted to the government each year including information on the main activities of key actors, major problems encountered and possible solutions to address them. The latest report was presented as Government Resolution Nr. 126 on 21 Feb. 2007.
  • Strategy of Integration of Foreigners in the Czech Republic (2003), with active involvement of relevant ministries, having their own annual Integration Policy Plans.

Ministry of Interior

In charge of the development of relations between immigrants and citizens.

Minister without Portfolio responsible for Human Rights and National Minorities Issues

National Coordinator of the Decade of Roma Inclusion. Prepared the concept for the integration of the Roma Community into the society.

EYID-coordination body:

Arts Institute - Theatre Institute

National implementation strategy: (http://ec.europa.eu/culture/eac/dialogue/strategies_en.html)

2. Culture

Ministry of Culture

Support for cultural activities of ethnic minorities, for the integration of the Roma community, the integration of foreign nationals (traditions, cultures, religion) and for multicultural projects.

EX: Annual World Roma Festival Khamoro in Prague (since 1999), funded by the Ministry of Culture, the City of Prague and others.

3. Education

See below.

4. Youth

See below.

5. Sports

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS)

In line with the governmental policy (see 1.) and corresponding to its fields of competence, MEYS supports activities in the field of immigrants' integration and provides integration support for members of the Roma Community (sports' intervention being neglected so far).

6. Other domestic responsibilities of importance for ICD

Advisory and working bodies of the Government:

Government Council for National Minorities

Inter-ministerial Commission for Roma Community Affairs

Government Council for Human Rights

Ombudsman's Office

Civil Society (EX):

The Multicultural Center Prague

Non-profit organization dealing with issues related to the coexistence of different cultures in the Czech Republic and abroad. Its mission is, among others, to advocate ICD and learning among diverse cultures within and outside the EU by engaging in a wide range of activities (educational, cultural and public informational activities, research, publications).

7. Trans-border / International ICD programmes

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Czech Centres (governmental organisations)

Organisations sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Their mission is to develop a dialogue with the public abroad and to assist in the creation of an image of the Czech Republic as a modern dynamic country.