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Intercultural Dialogue Europe


The individual country sheets provide information on national institutions, policies and selected NGO activities related to intercultural dialogue (ICD) in the fields of culture, education, youth, sports and trans-border co-operation.

 Austria,  Belgium,  Bulgaria,  Croatia,  Cyprus,  Czech Republic,  Denmark,  Estonia,  Finland,  France,  Germany,  Greece,  Hungary,  Iceland,  Ireland,  Italy,  Latvia,  Liechtenstein,  Lithuania,  Luxembourg,  Macedonia (FYR),  Malta,  Netherlands,  Norway,  Poland,  Portugal,  Romania,  Slovakia,  Slovenia,  Spain,  Sweden,  Switzerland,  Turkey,  UK

Structure of Country Sheets

Box: summary of the major challenges and debates on intercultural dialogue in each country and short description of how a country has interpreted the meaning of ICD in its policies and strategies.

1. Main public authorities leading action on ICD in general and, in particular for        
2. Culture
3. Education
4. Youth
5. Sports
6. Other domestic bodies of importance, and
7. Transborder / international cooperation

Policies: National programmes, laws, action plans and specific strategies of relevance to ICD

EX: Relevant example/s of programmes or projects of regional/local governments or institutions

Civil Society: Examples of some main NGO and other bodies or programmes concerned with ICD

Plus: Additional information on a special aspect of national policies, research activity or other interesting issues

Attention: Caveats or particular aspects to bear in mind when interpreting national approach(es)